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Centroid Solutions and Ark Trade partnership
Published On: November 3rd, 2023Categories: Company News

Revolutionizing Financial Technology: The Synergistic Partnership of Ark Technologies and Centroid Solutions

In an era where the financial industry is undergoing a rapid transformation through technological innovation, collaborations between leading companies often serve as catalysts for groundbreaking advancements. The partnership between Ark Technologies and Centroid Solutions is the perfect example. These two forward-thinking companies have come together to redefine the landscape of financial technology, offering a unique blend of expertise and cutting-edge solutions that promise to reshape the industry.

Ark Technologies, a rising star in the financial technology (FinTech) sector, has made a name for itself by developing innovative trading platforms that leverage the latest technologies in the industry. With a commitment to enhancing trading strategies and providing investors with more efficient tools, Ark Technologies quickly garnered attention from industry leaders.

On the other hand, Centroid Solutions is a FinTech innovator specializing in bridging and connectivity solutions between trading platforms and liquidity providers, complex execution strategies, risk management, quantitative analytics, P&L optimization, hosting, and infrastructure for multi-asset financial brokers.

Centroid offers a complete suite of technology solutions and infrastructure that is specifically designed to help multi-asset brokers optimize their business performance, expand their product offering, and facilitate business growth.

A Perfect Fit: The Synergy of Expertise

The partnership between Centroid Solutions and Ark Technologies brings together complementary expertise. Ark Technologies specializes in the development of sophisticated next-generation online trading platforms, while Centroid Solutions excels in risk management and complex execution. This synergy promises to create a holistic and powerful suite of tools that address both sides of the financial equation – maximizing returns while minimizing risks.

The Road Ahead

The financial industry is at a crossroads, with technology poised to disrupt traditional norms. The integration between Ark Technologies and Centroid Solutions represents a bold step towards harnessing this disruption for the benefit of investors, financial institutions, and the industry at large.

Through the integration between Ark Trader trading platform, Centroid Bridge Engine, Centroid Hosting Solutions and Centroid Risk Management System, brokers can take advantage of the advanced functionalities and features, such as efficient trading executions, connectivity to multi-asset liquidity providers, advanced risk management and analytics, etc., to optimise their business operations and gain a competitive edge. These two companies are well-positioned to deliver a comprehensive solution that can adapt to the rapidly changing financial landscape.

The partnership between Ark Technologies and Centroid Solutions is a testament to the evolving nature of the FinTech industry. It reflects a commitment to innovation, collaboration, and a shared vision of the future of finance.

About Centroid Solutions

Centroid Solutions is a fintech innovator specialising in bridging and connectivity solutions between trading platforms and liquidity providers, complex execution strategies, risk management, quantitative analytics, P&L optimization, hosting and infrastructure for multi-asset financial brokers. With over 20 years of practical background in the financial industry, Centroid’s team is comprised of professionals with extensive industry-knowledge and experience in dealing desk, quantitative risk management, trading solutions and software development.

Contact Details:

Contact Number: +971 4549 4800

Contact Email: [email protected]

About Ark Technologies

With tremendous financial industry experience, Ark Technologies is considered a leader in the business. We pride ourselves in providing one of the best trading platforms in the industry, with the fastest-selling terminal, to help you start your own brokerage firm in no time.

With both Brokers and Clients in mind, our Next-Generation Online Trading Platform, the Ark Trader, was engineered, designed, and developed with the latest technologies in the I.T. industry to handle any future business expansion in no time.

We provide you with a Complete Brokerage Solution in one single platform that will 

save you the time of contacting several third-party companies to get your complete solution. In short, you will have a full solution, in one place. This will reduce the time wasted in contacting different companies to achieve your vision.

Contact Details:

Contact Number: +962 79 6981 333

Contact Email: [email protected]

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