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Start-up Prop
Trading Firms

For startup prop-trading firms

Established Prop
Trading Firms

Tech solutions for established prop-trading firms

Brokers adding Prop
Trading to their services

For brokers who wants to enhanced their business with prop-trading offering.
Leverage Centroid's Technology Solutions to build your prop-trading business!

Leverage Centroid’s technology solutions and technical know-how to build your Prop-Trading Business!

The connectivity bridge and risk management systems are offered using a software-as-a-service (SaaS) model, while the network infrastructure and hosting solutions are offered as infrastructure-as-a-service (IaaS) solutions. This helps reduce setup and maintenance costs, while also allowing for scalability to meet growing business requirements.

  • 250+ LPs supported

  • Multi-asset classes supported (Indices, FX, Cryptos, etc)
  • 10+ Trading platforms supported
  • Real market environment for trade competitions
  • Smart order routing (Partial, Reverse, Delayed Hedging)

  • Copy-trade of trade flow
  • Institutional-grade network infrastructure
  • Close proximity to LPs
  • Cross-connected with LPs and other network providers
  • Low latency execution environment
  • Bandwidth included in IaaS model
  • 40+ global hosting locations

  • Real-time trade analysis
  • Client Analytics and Profiling
  • Detect account collaborations
  • Exposure Analytics

  • Drawdown Analysis

  • Alerts and notifications

Trade Competition Order Executions

Provide your traders with real-market execution experience through Centroid’s cutting-edge technology. Here are some of the key features:

Process orders with liquidity depth and consumption of liquidity

VWAP execution

Accept partial fills/reject orders

Liquidity aggregation and advanced customisation

Book breakdown large orders into smaller legs

Execute orders based on pre-defined criteria

Execute orders with precision and efficiency.

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Maximize Your Profit Potential with Trade Copier

Seeking innovative ways to boost your profitability? With Centroid Bridge’s Built-in Trade Copier feature, you gain access to a powerful toolset that empowers you to copy trades effortlessly while maintaining low latency executions. Here are some of the key features you can setup:

Copy trades from trading account(s)

Copy trades from group(s)

Copy trades of specific symbol(s)

Direct/Reverse copy

Ability to increase/decrease trade size

Delayed Hedging with PnL target and time based

Boost your profitability and streamline your trading operations with Trade Copier for Prop-Trading Firms.

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One language fits all with Centroid’s TAPI

Introducing Centroid’s Trading API Engine that simplifies the connectivity between your Prop-trading CRM and MT4/MT5.

Simple to code

Reduce learning complexity

Seamless communication

Optimized functionality

Scalable and performant

Perfect for connecting your prop-trading CRM with MT4/MT5, post-trade processing, external alert systems, etc.

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Centroid’s Trading API Engine
Data Notification

Analyse trading account data in real-time and receive notifications for any triggers

All trading and account data from your trading platforms will be continuously monitored, analysed and real-time notifications are triggered based on many defined criteria, such as:

Arbitrage trading

Trade balance trading

High-frequency trading

Multiple trades behaviours

Account drawdown levels

No stop-loss on open orders

And many more

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Simultaneous connections to multiple trading platforms

Centroid’s Prop-Trading Solution supports multiple trading platforms simultaneously. Manage multiple trading platforms through a single interface to enhance operational effectiveness and efficiency.

The supported trading platforms are:

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