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Prop-trading Firm
Published On: April 26th, 2024Categories: Blog Articles/Videos

Setting up a prop-trading firm: Key Technology Components and Requirements

For prop-trading startups or some existing firms, there is a lot of confusion and questions as to what is required to setup a prop-trading firm. What are the core components? In this blog post, we aim to provide insights into the technology components necessary for setting up a prop-trading firm.

What is Prop-Trading?

Proprietary Trading, also known as Prop-Trading, is a practice where a firm uses their own capital instead of client funds to trade on various financial products in order to generate profits for itself. These firms normally employ professional traders who use various trading strategies, including high-frequency trading, algo-trading and other strategies, to help them gain their profits in the market.

How does prop-trading firm gain access to professional traders?

For prop-trading firms, they’d like to ensure their traders can help to gain profit for them. One of the best ways for them to identify professional traders is to put them through different sets of trading challenges. The winner of these challenges will be able to give the firm more confidence to give them their capital to trade on their behalf.

Prop trader winner candidate

What are the technology requirements for setting up such trading competitions?

Nowadays, technology plays an important part for any financial institutions, and this also applies for prop-trading firms. They will need various tools to provide their clients the needed trading environment and experience in order to attract traders and build the right track record. Below, we look at some of the core components for prop trading firms to become successful.

High-Speed Trading Platform

As a prop-trading firm, it is important to find a trading platform that supports multi-asset trading, and it should also be hosted in a network infrastructure that offers low latency trading environments for their traders. For example, Centroid Solutions specialize in hosting such trading platforms to ensure low latency execution, best trading performance and experience for the traders.

Real-time Market Data Feed and Order Execution

It is important to offer multi-asset products with deep liquidity to ensure traders can show their true potential. Gain access to multiple LPs is important, as it can help to create deep liquidity (via liquidity aggregation) or build product portfolios by mixing and matching liquidity from various LPs.

Since during the trading challenges the traders are going through a simulated exercise, it is extremely important that the order execution is following a behavior as close as possible to real market environment. Like this the traders performance will be a more accurate indication of their actual potential. Therefore, when executing the trade competition orders, it is important to make use of a technology that will simulate the real market conditions and execute the trades in a similar way as they would have been executed in a live environment.

Connectivity to multiple LPs and trading platforms

Prop-Trading CRM

Prop-Trading CRM is where the traders sign up for the trading competitions, stores the trader’s details (including personal details, account balance, etc.) and displays the performance parameters of the traders. It is also responsible for helping the prop-trading firm to setup various trade competitions, with different terms and conditions. Additionally, it is also responsible for connecting to Payment Service Providers, for handling subscription payments and relevant payouts.

Therefore the Prop-Trading CRM system must have a 2-way integration with the other systems of the trading setup, such as the trading platform. In order to ensure optimal interaction between the CRM and the trading platform, an efficient integration is needed. For example, Centroid has implemented APIs that can help facilitate such communication in an easy and scalable manner.

Risk Analytical Tools

For any prop-trading firm, it is most important to understand the performance of the traders, whether they are winning or losing, following the competitions instructions, exhibiting correct risk management methodology, and many other aspects. Therefore it is important to have a highly performant and configurable risk analytics engine that is able to track in real-time all such data and statistics, provide real-time insights and intelligence into the trading performance of the traders in order for the prop-trading firm to be able to take informed decisions in regards to their potential traders.


Setting up a prop-trading firm necessitates careful consideration of the technology components involved. In this blog post, we have highlighted the key technology requirements that play a crucial role in the establishment and operation of a prop-trading firm. By integrating the right technology, prop-trading firms can build a solid reputation in the competitive financial landscape, attracting professional traders and positioning themselves for success.

Find out more from Centroid Solutions

Centroid Solutions offers several key technology systems to help prop-trading firms with the necessary technology and infrastructure needed to be successful. If you’d like to find out more about our technology solutions, please fill in the Contact us form or email us on [email protected] to find out more.

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