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Velo Labs and Centroid Solutions Announce Strategic Partnership to Drive Financial Innovation
Published On: May 7th, 2024Categories: Company News

Centroid Solutions and Velo Protocol Announce Strategic Partnership to Drive Financial Innovation

Dubai, UAE, 8 May 2024 – Centroid Solutions, a trailblazer in fintech solutions and Velo Protocol, a leading blockchain-based financial platform, have announced a groundbreaking partnership aimed at reshaping the landscape of financial services.

This strategic collaboration between Velo Protocol and Centroid Solutions is poised to set a new standard for innovation in the industry. By combining Velo Protocol’s cutting-edge blockchain technology with Centroid Solutions’ advanced multi-asset connectivity bridge engine, the partnership aims to unlock unprecedented opportunities for efficiency, transparency, and security in financial markets.

Centroid Bridge, the multi-asset connectivity bridge engine from Centroid Solutions, offers brokers the ability to connect to multi-asset liquidity sources, facilitate liquidity management, and optimize their trading activities across various markets. By integrating this technology with Velo Protocol’s blockchain infrastructure, the partnership seeks to enhance liquidity provision, streamline trading operations, and minimize market impact for financial institutions.

The partnership between Velo Protocol and Centroid Solutions is poised to unlock synergies that drive innovation, efficiency, and growth in the financial sector. By leveraging their respective strengths and expertise, the partners aim to develop cutting-edge solutions that address the evolving needs of the industry.

About Centroid Solutions

Centroid Solutions is a fintech innovator specializing in risk management, quantitative analytics, connectivity, complex execution strategies and PnL optimization for multi-asset financial brokers. Centroid offers a complete suite of technology solutions and infrastructure that is specifically designed to help brokers optimize their business performance, expand their product offering and facilitate business growth.

To reach Centroid Solutions regarding business opportunities, please email [email protected], or for more information, please visit

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